A440 is …

Music/art/video/etc projects to check out & maybe be a part of !

Links are in green

1) SoundsGoodManRecords.com
is music and music videos I’ve made covering a very wide variety of sounds. As of today there are
231 Songs
212 Music Videos
Several Playlists / Searches at various places

2) ABetterWorldWithSteveAndMusic.com
is a project to help bring into being songs of peace, rights and sustainability through in person or over the net collaborations of … musicians, singers, writers, poets, rappers, spoken word artists, video people (and anyone) …
even if you have never worked on or recorded songs or videos.

3) CanYaListen.xyz is a brand new podcast where I will offer observations and ideas, and explore and ask questions on how to make ourselves and our world a better place.

) NebulaMoon.com is stretched art on canvas.
Custom orders and installations available.

5) BeAGuitarPlayer.com is guitar (acoustic, electric and synth), bass, keyboard and recording lessons in person or over the net for beginners to advanced.

6) 99Percent.work is info for workers on Worker Co-ops, Unions (preferably Worker led, not union boss led) and Strikes.

7) EarthToThe.top lists many ways we can make this a better, safer, cleaner more sustainable place for all life.

8) SoUhWellYeah.xyz has short humorous podcasts you can listen to.

… And please note
, I am up for collaborations on music and projects (video, soundtracks, art, etc, etc, etc) of all sizes and all sorts as long as it’s not negative or encouraging anything bad.

Please contact me with questions, ideas or suggestions.

Thanks! 🙂





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